Tony Travalini

Tony Travalini appeared on the scene as a solo artist in the early '90's with a 10 song cassette-only release entitled "The Book Of Love". Shortly thereafter, Wilmington, DE bred musician/songwriter Travalini hooked up with guitarist Thom Lennon, bassist Tim Gove and drummer Chris Lennon. They billed themselves as Tony Travalini & All The Rage and began performing their urgent brand of rock 'n roll in the Mid-Atlantic region, quickly gaining notice for their intense live performances.

In 1993, after a year and a half of playing regional stages, they released the CD "What's Up Above? " to strong reviews and wider distribution. In 1996, TT & A The R issued the "Offline" CD to similar positive notices. When drummer Chris Lennon left the band, All The Rage was put to rest.

In the early '00's, Travalini played a few shows in an acoustic trio format with longtime band mates Thom Lennon and Tim Gove. This inspired the recording of "Silence & Obscurity" which was released in late 2005. More of a subdued and meditative rock 'n roll record than previous efforts, "Silence & Obscurity" became the first new material released by Travalini in 9 years. The 14 songs were recorded in a spontaneous fashion, mainly live in the studio.

Among his many musical inspirations, Travalini cites '60's and '70's deep soul music, late '60's and early '70's AM pop radio, Bob Dylan and a handful of artists that came out of the late '70's UK punk scene.

The current performing group, Tony Travalini & The Still Lifes features Tony Travalini on vocals and guitar, Thom Lennon on guitar, Tim Gove on bass and Tom Noone on drums.

Tony on stage