Tony Travalini

What the Press Has Said... About "Silence & Obscurity"

"If their live shows are any example of Travalini’s latest solo offering then you surely put him on the map. Musicians with substance with a flair for unpredictable nature, just when you think such songs as “Pale Imitation” drag on a bit too long, Travalini and the boys help re-adjust your headlights and dazzle you with profound lyricism."
-Rag Magazine

"Proving himself to be a credible songwriter may have not been his goal but it’s exactly what he did. Songs like "Broken Promises", "Filling Up The Days", and "Leave This Town" show what he’s made of and capable of creating as a songwriter. For fans of Springsteen, Dylan and the such."
-Ear Candy Magazine

"Behind Travalini’s vocals are well-planned and orchestrated rock songs that simultaneously aren’t entirely new but don’t sound like anyone either. With songs like "Broken Promises", "Another Dull Night", "Better Quit(While I’m Behind)" and "What You Wanted", Tony Travalini could get some serious attention with a little image crafting."

"The album is a story from beginning to end, following a man on a mission to recast his relationship woes and highlights into a new light. The recording job on "Silence & Obscurity" captures that mood very well and briskly shelves wizardry for a polished and sophisticated light rock approach."
-Smother Magazine

"Dour, but in the brightest and most engaging way imaginable. Travalini has all the traits of a troubadour (if that’s a pun, it’s the worst one I’ve ever written), and has great songwriting instincts. Something of a strange little snack, but one that turns out to be sweet in the middle."
-Aiding and Abetting #272

Other Press

". . . For good rock songs played by a tight unit, Travalini et al are unchallenged in Delaware. We don’t know a better songwriter than Travalini."
-Big Shout

"The album (What’s Up Above?) has great performances, just like their live show."
-Big Shout

". . . (Tony Travalini) and his band-All the Rage-are as tight as a duck’s a . . ."
-Splatter Effect

". . . Tony & his Rage offer buoyant melodies that will engrave themselves into your mind."
-Music Monthly

". . . Tony Travalini unveils himself as a credible songwriter with enough attitude and intelligence to follow in the footsteps that influentially paved his way."
-Music Monthly

". . . Sung with lots of feeling and heartfelt emotions, the integrity comes across well in Travalini’s songs."

Tony on stage